New York Times: Iran provides Yemen rebels with arm shipments

15/3/2012 -

The New York Times said on Thursday that Iran increased its political outreach and arms shipments to rebels and other political figures in Yemen.

It quoted American military and intelligence officials as saying that Iran attempts  to extend its influence across Yemen.

"The scale of Iran’s involvement remains unclear, and some Yemeni officials and analysts remain skeptical about the impact of any weapons shipments, citing a long history of dubious accusations by Saudi Arabia — Iran’s regional nemesis — and Saudi allies in Yemen" the newspaper added.

It quoted Yemeni officials as saying that Iran tried to send to Yemen material used to make explosive devices, known as explosively formed penetrators, or E.F.P.’s.

" American officials said Iran supplied the same lethal roadside bombs to insurgents in Iraq during the worst of the violence there, an accusation that Iran has consistently denied" the newspaper said.

A Yemeni official told the  newspaper that Iran is trying to play a big role in Yemen.